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Kendama 「Sanga」

One of the few domestic Kendama manufacturers in Japan
Odawara In the wood product producing area of ​​the Hakone district, we have a track record of producing large quantities of Kendama at the time of the domestic Kendama boom in the Showa 50s. However, we do not produce Kendama almost now.
From the beginning, I got to know Mr. Kubota from the global general Kendama network representative and told me that the number of players is increasing in Japan due to the current Kendama boom and reverse imports. So we looked for Mr. Kubota's cooperation and developed a new Kodama brand "Mountain River" from Odawara.
The characteristic of the mountain river is that the shape (shape) is the original constriction of the sword and the material is innocent Kendama uses domestic material hardwood, and it is producing the pattern (adhesion of parquet) of lines and the like is.
Please try Kendama "Sanga" of few japan production by all means.

Tama Ichimatu 3mm
Ichimatu 3mm Square

Tama Ichimatu 3mm Line
Ichimatu 3mm Square Line

All Ichimatu 9mm Vertical
Ichimatu 9mm Square

Horizontal stripes
It is a layered parquet


Stripe length

Balls are vertical stripes  

2 lines red, purple  

  1 mm lower line 2 pcs

Solid Japanese Woods 


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