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PREPARA WOOD is the brand name we have given to our series of wooden toys that are shaped like medical devices. These products were developed in collaboration with pediatricians and a university research center. The first toys for medical use developed in Japan, PREPARA WOOD products have been well received and are currently being used in university hospitals, pediatric hospitals, general hospitals, and other medical facilities nationwide.
Medical Toys that Reassure Children and Help them Understand

Small children often fear medical examinations and treatments in hospitals. Particularly during examinations requiring the use of special devices, such as CT or MRI equipment, children may become very anxious and consequently cry or struggle, prolonging the examination or treatment time. In order to ease children’s fears as far as possible, it is important that they understand the examination procedure beforehand. Through the use of PREPARA WOOD as explanatory aids, children are able to listen to the explanation as if it were a game and thus understand in their own terms the necessity of the examination or treatment and become more open to it.

  • Products are available in three sizes: Mini, S and L. Sizes differ slightly from product to product.
  • Products use wood from Japanese cypress, beech, linden plywood, and Japanese Judas trees produced in Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures in Japan.


Surgery Set

Surgery/Hospital Room Set

Examination Set  


Radiotherapy Machine 


Gamma Camera

 Scintigraphic Camera(RI)